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LTH Structural Analysis (IASB) working group

The LTH Structural Analysis (IASB) working group addresses procedures, data and tools for the demonstration of stability vs. the loads to be expected during operation (static and for life-time).
This working group independently publishes the structures analysis manual (HSB).

Image brochure LTH Structural Analysis (IASB)

You can download an image brochure in PDF format in English here.

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    Information on obtaining the structural analysis manual (HSB)

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    Thank you very much for your interest in the structural analysis manual (HSB).

    The HSB was prepared and published by the members of the LTH IASB working group (industry committee for structural analysis documents). The commercial use of the HSB is only permitted to IASB members and their partner companies. To support universities, the IASB has further agreed to distribute individual copies of the HSB also to academic institutions on request.

    Accordingly, you are authorized to use the HSB if your institution:

    1. is an active member of IASB. For your Information on currently active members you can find the cover sheet here of HSB X N 2014.

    2. uses the HSB within the scope of a project with an IASB member and signs a Non-Disclosure Agreement on this use.  For your information you can find the form of the Non-Disclosure Agreements HSB NDA A 2006 here.

    3. is an academic institution and HSB is used only for teaching purposes.

    If you fulfill one of these three requirements or if your institution is interested in an IASB membership please contact the chairman of IASB,

    Mr. Prof. Dr. Martin Schagerl
    Institut für Konstruktiven Leichtbau
    Johannes Kepler Universität
    Altenberger Strasse 69
    A - 4040 Linz
    Österreich - Austria
    Tel.: +0043 732 2468-6661
    E-Mail: martin.schagerl(at)

    He will then initiate the delivery of the HSB or support a possible IASB membership.

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