FV - Flugversuchstechnik FV - Flight Test Engineering 

Arbeitskreis Flugversuchstechnik (FV) des Luftfahrttechnischen Handbuchs (LTH)

Der Arbeitskreis Flugversuchstechnik (FV) des Luftfahrttechnischen Handbuchs (LTH) beschäftigt sich mit Methoden zur Ermittlung der Leistungen und Eigenschaften des Flugzeugs, seiner Systeme und Untersysteme im Fluge.

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Literaturhinweise AGARDographs 160 series

AGARDograph series 160: Flight Test Instrumentation

Volumes published in the AGARD Flight Test Instrumentation Series, AGARDograph 160.

Number Title

1. "Basic Principles of Flight Test Instrumentation Engineering" Issue 1edited by A. Pool and D. Bosman, 1974 Issue 2 edited by R. Borek and A. Pool, 1994

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12. "Aircraft Flight Test Data Processing--A Review of the State of the Art" by L.J. Smith and N.O. Matthews

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19. "Digital Signal Conditioning for Flight Test" by G.A. Bever, 1991

20. "Optical Air Flow Measurements in Flight" by Rodney K. Bogue and Dr. Henk W. Jentink, 2003

Literaturhinweise AGARDographs 300 series

AGARDograph series 300: Flight Test Techniques

AG237 "Guide to In-Flight Thrust Measurement of Turbojets and Fan Engines" by the MIDAP Study Group (UK), 1979

Number Title

1. "Calibration of Air-Data Systems and Flow Direction Sensors" by J.A. Lawford and K.R. Nippress, 1988

2. "Identification of Dynamic Systems" by R.E. Maine and K.W. Iliff, 1985

3. "Identification of Dynamic Systems--Applications to Aircraft"
Part 1: "The Output Error approach" by R.E. Maine and K.W. Iliff

Part 2: "Nonlinear Analysis and Manoeuvre Design" by J.A. Mulder, J.K. Sridhar and J.H. Breeman, 1994

4. "Determination of Antenna Patterns and Radar Reflection Characteristics of Aircraft" by H. Bothe and D. McDonald, 1986

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8. "Flight Testing under Extreme Environmental Conditions" by C..L. Henrickson, 1988

9. "Aircraft Exterior Noise Measurement and Analysis Techniques" by H. Heller, 1991

10. "Weapon Delivery Analysis and Ballistic Flight Testing" by R.J. Arnold and J.B. Knight, 1992

11. "The Testing of Fixed Wing Tanker & Receiver Aircraft to Establish their Air-to-Air Refuelling Capabilities" by J. Bradley and K. Emerson, 1992

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